A few jobs done!

A new roof for the old house.

Having a winter rest…..really? Not likely!

By Sandra McNeill

We’ve had a little break with Rough Top Cottage closed for a while over the winter months. But needless to say we’ve still been very busy! The cottage dates back to c1650 and as you can imagine takes lots of maintenance to keep it up to today’s living expectations.

Over the winter break the builders have retiled the roof as it was giving us problems letting rain in under certain weather conditions. I’ve got to say a huge thanks to Dave and his team for working through some freezing conditions, rather them than me! Usually wind and rain from the south-west has given us leakage problems and as you know if you’ve been up here, the Yorkshire moors at 1300 foot up, can certainly give some testing weather!

Our utility/boot room has had a new tiled floor and is now much easier to keep crystal clean.

The downstairs bedroom has had a makeover with new carpet making it cosy warm on the feet. It also has extra USB electric sockets so you can charge your phone/laptop overnight.

The water system has now been improved which means the tap flow and particularly the showers are super-fast and hot water arrives much quicker. Of course we’ve done our regular deep, super clean and decorating but that all gets done every year.

Outside the garden has had more work done with the oil tanks now fenced off and another seating area finished. The dog exercise paddock has had lots of spring bulbs planted and an area of wild flower seeds spread which will hopefully attract the bees and insects.

Needless to say everything takes longer than you’d expect but it all looks super now and we hope you agree it’s been worth the effort. The cottage is now ready for our spring guests, roll on summer 2022!


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