Dog owners Code of Conduct

When you stay at Rough Top Cottage and take your dog out and about we hope you will be responsible owners and follow the guidelines below.


As the dog owner, I agree that my dog:


  • Is generally of a good temperament and does not bark excessively
  • Will not be left unattended for any period of time / will be left in a suitable dog crate for a maximum of four hours as long as the dog is crate trained and quiet
  • Will not be left supervised by a minor
  • Is free from any known parasites or contagious diseases.
  • Will remain on lead and collar / harness whist in communal areas and under close control.


As the dog owner, I agree that I am responsible for:


  • The correct disposal in the bins provided of any dog waste produced
  • Informing the host if the dog urinates, defecates or causes any damage or incident while inside the premises
  • The behaviour of my dog whilst on the premises
  • Complying with all applicable legislation relating to the care and welfare of the dog, including the Countryside Code
  • Removing excess mud / water from the dog before entering the premises
  • Providing my own towels for use when cleaning the dog, some are provided but you may need more
  • Leaving the premises in a clean and tidy fashion


If at any time the Management of the premises determines that the behaviour of a dog is causing a disturbance to others, the owner will be asked to immediately remove the dog from the premises.


The business accepts no liability for any injury caused

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