Dog friendly exercise paddock

Your dog friendly area to allow the pooches to let off some steam

We have added a half acre Dog Friendly Exercise Paddock adjacent to the garden at Rough Top Cottage. This, by its very size, is not as secure as the garden. We have added chicken wire to the post and rail fencing to increase security where possible. The north and east walls of the paddock are traditional dry stone walls. The main road runs parallel to the north wall; you can safely access the paddock through the yard in Rough Top Cottage without having to use this busy road.

Please bear in mind that there is public right of way that runs through this land, we have added a gate to the ancient wall stile to make it more secure but access must be available at all times.

We have installed a dog poo waste bin. Please use an individual poo bag and close the lid and handle when used.

You are welcome to use this extra exercise area for your dogs when it’s not being used by anyone else, if you choose to do so, please do not leave them unattended at any time. By using this field, you accept responsibility for your dogs and that you are using it at your own risk.

It goes without saying that, in the countryside, gates need to be kept shut at all times, you’ll notice there are a lot of animals in the local area. The small gate between the paddock and the larger field, in the South East corner, leads to the continuation of the public access, there are horses in this field on occasion – please be aware.

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