Fire Risk Assessment

In March 2023, updates were made to the fire regulations governing self-catering and short-term lets. Among these changes is a mandatory requirement for all properties, regardless of the platform they are advertised on, to possess a documented Fire Risk Assessment meeting government guidelines. This requirement extends to even those letting a single room for just one night. Compliance with this regulation is mandated by October 1st, 2023.

At Rough Top, we have always prioritized guest safety, maintaining a robust Fire Risk Assessment accessible to guests via our website. In response to the updated regulations, we have conducted a thorough review of our assessments. Engaging the expertise of a specialist Fire Risk Expert, we have crafted new assessments, which are now available for public viewing.

Our commitment to guest safety remains unwavering. We will continue to monitor and update our assessments as necessary, ensuring compliance with any changes in property or regulations. Rest assured, no expense has been spared in our dedication to providing a safe and compliant environment for our valued guests.

Cottage lounge with open fire and leather sofas
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