Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions guests often ask, but do feel free to ask Sandra (07973 676560) or Brian if you are still uncertain.

Where should I park the car?

You are welcome to park outside the main door whilst you unpack your car but should then move it/them over to the stables + fence opposite the drive to keep access clear for emergency vehicles.

Can I close the main gates?

The gates are left open for your arrival and can be closed should you wish.

Where are the dog garden and doggy paddock?

The dog (and your!) garden are opposite the main door as you enter the property. The paddock is down the grass lane at the side of the garden and is for your use if no one else is using it, please keep the gate closed.

The dog garden is made as secure for your dog as possible but if you notice any damage to the fencing please let us know.

Where do we dispose of dog poo?

It should be bagged and put in the bin provided in the dog paddock or in the bin near the main rubbish bin. Not in the garden compost bin!

What is the Wi-Fi password?

The Wi-Fi password is in the picture frame in the lounge on the games table.

Are there any USB charging points for my phone?

Yes there are several USB charging sockets: In the kitchen wall socket near the toaster; ground floor bedroom has 2 near the bed; double bedroom has 2 in each bedside lamp; twin bedroom has 2 points in the bedside lamp.

Can we stream TV?

Yes, but do bear in mind that we are several miles from the nearest hub and the weather can affect the strength of the Wi-Fi but it’s usually good enough to watch Netflix etc.

Is there a vacuum cleaner?

Yes, there are 2! 1 in the utilty room and 1 in the upstairs hall cupboard.

Is there a washer and dryer?

Both are in the entrance utility room behind the wooden doors – please keep them open when running the machines.

Where can I store my bicycle?

In the utility room please wash them down first with the outside tap.

Can I buy more logs?

Yes we usually have a supply which you can buy at cost.

Can I get a delivery of take away food?

Look on our page for places that will deliver here Local Eateries

What day does the recycling come and do we put it out?

The recycling comes every Thursday at around 7am so needs to go out the night before, unless you are an early riser! Please do put it outside the gate, but Calderdale insist it is sorted correctly so read the door hanger or leave it out and we will pop up and sort it at 5pm on Wednesday. Thanks

What day does the waste bin get emptied?

Every other week on Thursday 7am – we will pop up and put it out on the night before on the appropriate week.

Can we put waste in the garden compost bin?

Yes but only uncooked vegetable matter – nothing cooked, citrus and NO DOG POO!

Where is the nearest shop/supermarket?

Follow the Long Causeway to Burnley until you come to a T-junction at the Kettledrum Pub turn right and around ½ mile on right is a Spar and a little further on left is a Tesco

Where is the nearest Pub?

Follow the Long Causeway to Blackshawhead take the left fork at the chapel and down the hill is the New Delight pub. Go Burnley direction until you come to a T-junction at the Kettledrum Pub. You are spoilt for choice so do have a look at our page Local eateries

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