Walk to Redmires Waterfall

This walk is direct from the cottage in a loop and will take around an hour depending how long you sit and take in the views! Its easy walking with slight hills. The road is not so busy but can have fast traffic so keep well in to the grass verge.

Always worth considering that we are in sheep country so it’s best to keep the dogs on leads at all times.

Leaving Rough Top, we walk along Kebs Road towards Hebden Bridge, past Automatic Transmissions and Sunny View Kennels.

It’s a gorgeous afternoon, and the views are quite something to behold, make sure you give yourself time to take it all in.

You can’t help but take in the vastness of Hawkstones Rocks that dominate the landscape to the north of the road. Pictured here on a snowy day it really picks out the individual rocks. Hawk Stones rocks has many strange-shaped weather worn rocks and boulders that were first laid-down millions of years ago, and then fashioned by a retreating glacier during the last Ice Age. There is a great read about them here:


Take the next lane on the right down a farm track. To the right of this road is the famous Bride Stones but that’s another walk for another day https://megalithix.wordpress.com/2011/03/10/great-bridestones/

About 10 metres down on the right you will see a fairly narrow stone stile, with a footpath sign on it.


As we walk along the wooded path you can hear the running water and plenty of bird song. Look out for the rare brown hare seen occasionally around here, as well as plenty of rabbits, pheasants and the occasional deer.

Carry on over another stile (Our dog Jasper chose to go under the side rails) onto the open moorland field.

Look to the left and you will see the waterfall of Redmires Water.

This is a really relaxing spot to sit and unwind, watch the water flowing by, take in the scenery and wildlife.

As you walk along look out for the wild flowers I’m no expert but I think this is a wild orchid? Sure someone will let me know if it’s not!

Carry on walking diagonally across the field to the right hand gate. The field gate is wired up but there is a style at the side and Jasper easily went underneath the field gate.

You are now on Delf Lane a Public Bridleway.
You should be able to spot Rough Top from here.
Stiles and gates onto Delf Lane and looking back up the hill you have just come down.

At this point there is a shortcut up Sagar Lane –only for the brave – it’s not good underfoot and very over grown, something we are hoping to change!
Continue along Delf Lane and look out for the ancient stone posts on the path.

Keep on this path,skirting the top edge of the farmhouse you pass, until you meet Mount Lane, turning right up the hill to Kebs Road and a right turn will take you back to Rough Top Cottage.

Definitely time for a drink – and maybe a cream scone?
This is my gorgeous boy, Jasper now 2 years old. Hope you enjoy your walk as much as he did. 

Can’t wait to get your holiday started?

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